A successful campaign with insights into cross-border travelers to expand market and revenue opportunities.

Targeting & Segmentation
Insights into Cross-border Travelers
Sales Growth

Influenced by the continuous devaluation of the Japanese Yen and the expansion of the scope of duty-free commodities for foreigners, the number of tourists to Japan frequently hits a new high. 80% of the buyers of rice cookers priced around RMB 10,000 are from China. When traveling in Japan, Mainland Chinese travelers consider returning home with a rice cooker "fashionable"; hence, it is easy to see Chinese tourists carrying rice cookers everywhere in the street in Akihabara, Tokyo. To further improve the cross-border tourists' consumption fever, Panasonic conducted a comprehensive advertising exposure for customers traveling to Japan to strike a purchase deal within Japan ultimately.

Target Audience

Parenting and Family
Showing Interests in Home Appliance
Travel Enthusiasts
    Three tiers of target audience:
  • 1st priority: the core population is female, people paying attention to tourism, parenting, home appliances, foods, etc.
  • 2nd priority: white-collar businessmen are the profile of this strong related population.
  • 3rd priority: the radiation population is the people who pay attention to social networks, news, entertainment, real estate, cosmetics and fashion, etc.

Ad Creatives and Placement

Ad Creatives and Placement
Landing Page

Campaign Strategy

Vpon helped the advertiser to push mobile ads to Chinese travelers in Japan by identifying travelers' locations, carrier service providers (such as China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom), languages of mobile operating systems, and so on. The ad banners can be precisely delivered to target audience through the frequently-used Apps by Chinese mobile users. The banners were also shown in the targeted App categories ranging from social networking, travel, news, to lifestyle.


The CTR for this mobile ad campaign has reached 120%. With years of experience in mobile, Vpon was able to provide its advertiser with professional suggestions and analysis about mobile users' behaviors, constantly optimizes of the advertising performance to maximize the ad investment.

Customer Insights

The click through rate on iOS devices is higher than that on Android devices.
High conversion rate intensively appears in the morning during commute (6:00-7:00) and prime time (18:00-24:00) which correlated to general daily itinerary of travelers.


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