With the help of Big Data Analytics, American Express successfully stimulated overseas consumptions of high-end Chinese customers.

High-end Tourist Targeting
High-end Tourist Targeting
3-stage Ad Delivery
3-stage Ad Delivery
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth

Chinese consumers made more than 55 trillion Yuan ($8.4 trillion USD) on card payment, and China is expected to be the largest card payment market in the world by 2020. The credit cards are widely used for local purchase, digital cross-border commerce, and purchases made while traveling abroad. To increase the number of card issued in China, American Express took a big step ahead of the market by promoting the overseas advantages of American Express credit cards.

360°Cross-border Mobile Marketing Solution

    360°Cross-border Mobile Marketing Solution
  • Before Trip:Targeting the only 5% passport bearers in China with aims to increase brand awareness and encourage before-trip purchase, e.g. hotel booking and travel services.
  • During Trip:Delivering offers from local merchants to lead tourists from online traffic to physical stores, and make purchases with American Express cards.
  • After Trip:Identifying audience who have shown interest in American Express products in both before- and during-trip. Retargeting is implemented for continuous communication with the targeted audience.

Strategy : Identify Customers with Great Value

Tracking users’ mobile behaviors from their entire journey (before, during and after-trip) allows us to identify the potential customers with high purchasing power.

Strategy : Identify Customers with Great Value

3-stage of Ad Delivery:
Before-, During-, After-trip

By multi-dimensionally analyzing mobile user behaviors, Vpon can deliver ads with high relevance at the right time, allowing a high degree of targeting and conversion rate.

Before Trip :
Stimulate Travel Interest
Before Trip : Stimulate Travel Interest
Creative: Hotel Offers
Target Audience: Passport Bearers
During Trip :
Encourage Local Spending
During Trip : Encourage Local Spending
Creative: Cash Rebate Offer
Target Audience: Tourists
After Trip :
Enhance Brand Loyalty
After Trip : Enhance Brand Loyalty
Creative: Local Offer
Target Audience: Potential Card Owners

Utilizing Dashboard to Analyze Data & Get Insights

Vpon’s visualized dashboard provides instant supports to drive the best results and optimize the performance with real time data.

Website Offer Analysis

Campaign Performance Analysis
Campaign Strategy Analysis

Location Analysis

Campaign Result

The cross-border marketing campaign successfully encourages tourists to purchase with American Express cards.

Increase in Number of Overseas Transactions 260%

Increase in Overseas Transaction Revenue 500%


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