Vpon Beefs Up Cross-Border Advertising Solution by Advancing LBS Technology

According to the latest statistics from Hong Kong Tourism Board, the number of visitor arrivals is recorded over 4 million each month in 2016, and the tourism expenditure associated to inbound tourism hit HK $332 billion in 2015. To unlock this incredible revenue opportunity from cross-border travelers, several renowned international brands, including SK-II, L’Oreal, and Union Pay, adopted Vpon’s cross-border mobile advertising solution to reach a broader target audience outside of the domestic customer base. To further advance this solution, Vpon is now strategically partnering with free Wi-Fi provider, AdWifi, to target at cross-border travelers by further leveraging LBS (Location-Based Service) technology.

Vpon implements the cross border mobile advertising strategy based on three scenarios of travelers’ journey - “Before Trip”, “During Trip”, and “After Trip”. In response to the increasing demand for capturing the affluent cross-border travelers during trips, Vpon can precisely reach and deliver the brands’ advertisements through the mobile devices of target audience when they connect to the free Wi-Fi service.

AdWifi’s extensive reach covers over 2,000 hotspots across Hong Kong. Particularly, two famous shopping streets – Russell Street in Causeway Bay, known as the most expensive luxury street, and Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mong Kok where clusters of electronic and cosmetics brands. The service also extends to the large shopping malls, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions, including ifc mall, Shatin New Town Plaza, Landmark North, Super Star Seafood Restaurant, Paramount Banquet Hall, etc.

More importantly, this cross-border advertising solution incorporates the LBS technology, which allows advertisers to display ads in specific geographic locations. Owing to the high relevancy between mobile ads and location, it not only increases advertisement acceptance and click-through rate (CTR), but also trigger the target audience to visit nearby brick-and-mortar stores, bringing the O2O (Online to Offline) concept alive!

Arthur Chan, General Manager at Vpon Hong Kong, indicated that “We believe the precision of reaching the target audience through our cross-border advertising solution could be further augmented this strategic partnership. Travelers are able to receive relevant and informational advertisements while enjoying the free Wi-Fi service. Also, the high viewability can better help establish the brand images. It surely improves the effectiveness of O2O implementation, and strengthens the brand image in the long run.

Apart from Hong Kong, Vpon has also strategically partnered with multiple free Wi-Fi service providers in Taiwan and Japan. Take Taiwan as an example, Vpon is now able to deliver ads through over 12,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Vpon will continuously develop the network to provide comprehensive mobile ad solutions to our clients.



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