Vpon Releases 2016 Asia-Pacific Mobile Advertising Market Report First Strategic Cooperation with GfK to Analyze Chinese Cross-border Travelers

90% of programmatic buying happening in mobile ad delivery. In response to this market trend, Vpon, Asia’s leading big data technology company, has released the Mobile Programmatic Advertising Statistics and Trends Report for the first half of 2016. It covers biddable traffic analysis, advertising mix, investment by each industry and other market developments across Asia. Vpon also partnered with GfK, the well-known market research company worldwide, to provide an in-depth examination of “Chinese Cross-border Travelers”. Using Real-world examples illustrates how programmatic mobile ad applies to achieve cross-border marketing and accurately reach the 130 million high-value outbound Chinese tourists each year.

The Vpon report shows that China is the largest market for programmatic mobile ads in Asia with up to 3.9 billion daily biddable traffic, followed by Indonesia and Japan. These three countries now account for nearly 60% of all biddable traffic in Asia. The Indonesian market however has a unique ecosystem - 87% of the traffic comes from apps and 90% of the apps were from Android. Another indicator from the report, eCPM shows that Macau, Australia, and New Zealand are ranked in the top three by amount. They are also more than seven times higher than Thailand, the country with the lowest eCPM.

Victor Wu, the CEO of Vpon, indicated that the two R’s of “ROI (Return on Investment)” and “Real-time” are driving overall growth based on the state of the programmatic market and customer requirements in the Asia-Pacific. “Advertisers are continuously adjusting their indicators to become more sales-driven, such as conversion rate, and number of leads and transactions, to measure ROI. They are no longer content with page views and clicks. Thanks to continued advances in technology, machine learning gives advertisers a chance to take real-time actions in response to ad delivery strategies and continuously optimize the target audience‘s demographic, time, locations, and materials to ensure the ad performance. In other words, the two main reasons why marketers are adopting programmatic buying are measurable results and real-time optimization.”

The programmatic advertising trading desk converges a wide range of traffic suppliers across the world, allowing buyers to easily reach the target audience in any country/region. On the other hand, mobile device, the most frequently used and personalized device, is said to be one of the best tools to target the audience who move between countries, such as travelers. Wu further explained that advertisers used to target travelers through offline channels, such as billboards around airports and in-flight publications. Now with big data analytics, it provides a revolutionary approach to target audience throughout the entire traveling journey and the mobile ads can be tailored to scenarios before trip, during trip, and even after trip. Roland Leung, Commercial Director Asia-Pacific for GfK, also noted that half of Chinese consumers use mobile phones for price matching, scanning QR codes, photographing products and store posters while shopping at physical stores. “The smartphone is an important shopping tool for Chinese travelers. It is naturally the best advertising channel as well. For this joint market report, GfK collaborated with Vpon to analyze offline and online behavior and provide a comprehensive perspective and understanding of consumer behavior."

Programmatic mobile ads are now beginning to take-off in the Asia market. Advertisers are taking the results of both performance-based and branding-based advertisements seriously, and in turn increasing the advertising budget every year. Vpon will publish the Asia-Pacific Programmatic Advertising Market Report on a regular basis to provide the latest insights on market trends and help marketers seize the opportunities in Asia.


Download report by clicking the following link, http://www.vpon.com/Vpon_2016-H1.html.



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