Trace Digital Footprints of Cross-border Travellers to Unlock The Revenue Opportunity

The number of worldwide travellers visiting Asia hits 270 million in 2015. The purchasing power of travellers was incredible so it is time for brands to figure out a way to target and trigger the affluent tourists who have high purchasing power to shop.

Asia’s leading Big Data Analytics company, Vpon is extending its success in previous two cross-border mobile marketing seminars in Taipei and Hong Kong respectively to sponsor the “Marketing Insight” seminar hosted by Marketing Magazine. During the seminars, Vpon will demonstrate the latest Big Data technology to target oversea tourists online through every touchpoint – including the strategies to reach customers way before their trips and to attract travellers through mobile devices. This seminar will take place on June 22nd, 2016 in Singapore.

General Manager at Vpon Hong Kong, Arthur Chan commented that with an advanced Big Data analytics technology and 12 billion biddable inventory per day across Asia, Vpon can provide the best service for cross-border marketing for advertisers. Marketing Magazine will also invite a research analyst expert and several experienced client-side brand marketers to join this seminar and to share the business opportunities, trends, and case studies of targeting foreign travellers. This will be a seminar like never before.



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