Entrepreneurial Spirit
When risk is manageable, Vpon encourages the team to accumulate experience through trial and error, and nurtures entrepreneurship. Using data and reasoning to put forward applicable statistics as evidence, we are extremely happy to accept new concepts and change our decision-making. The core component of the entrepreneurial spirit is problem solving. Only through a hunger for success and a strong ambition to find solutions, we can simulate innovations and gain customers as well as respects from competitors.
Give and Take
We truly believe that putting ourselves and our own interest after others can we establish a long lasting and mutually beneficial the relationship with our clients, partners, and employees. That is, helping others drives our success. The best example is that Vpon has long been creating transaction opportunities for our clients and helping them grow their business through the power of big data.
At the workplaces, we show our empathy during teamwork; in the society, we aim to provide an environment for our next generations to see the world and care to the disadvantaged.
If you haven't been told you can't do something, then you can! There are no ranks inside our company, only roles. Without hierarchy, we at Vpon use a flat management method to create more open communications. The role of the manager is not to give orders, but to assist teammates and facilitate operations. An open working environment is the important mechanism that promotes the company's ground-breaking innovation, and creates continuous growth.
Vpon views all employees as the most valuable assets regardless of their departments or job titles. As an important member at the company, we encourage all Vponers to get involved, speak up for their thoughts, and of course grow with the company. On the other hand, Vponers are also required to respect and accept different opinions as we believe that two-way communication is one of the dispensable factors to accomplish the ultimate goal.


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