Entrepreneurial Spirit
When risk is manageable, Vpon encourages the team to accumulate experience through trial and error, and nurtures entrepreneurship. Using data and reasoning to put forward applicable statistics as evidence, we are extremely happy to accept new concepts and change our decision-making. Even more so for "facts" and "data", only through a hunger for success and strong ambition to stimulate innovation can you gain customers and gain respect from competitors.
If you haven't been told you can't do something, then you can! There are no ranks inside our company, only roles. Not liking hierarchy, we at Vpon use a flat management method to allow for more open communication. The role of the manager is not to give orders, but to assist operations. We believe that an open working environment is the important mechanism that promotes the company's ground-breaking innovation, and creates continuous growth.
If it interests us, it gives a feeling of accomplishment; if it gives a feeling of accomplishment, then it interests us. There is an active, open organizational culture that promotes the exchange of knowledge and the workforce is an enthusiastic group of top-talent. Meanwhile, once the environment break down communication barriers, there are unlimited opportunities for internal learning and cooperation. Only through doing interesting work that gives a sense of accomplishment are employees happy.


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